Melinda May

Melinda May’s interest in art began at an early age, where her teachers recognized an artistic ability and encouraged her parents to nurture this. Her parents did and organised an art tutor, a TAFE teacher by the name of Alan Sharman where for 6 years she had weekly art lessons. This provided her with a solid grounding in technical aspects of various mediums and techniques.

“Initially I took a liking to chalk/pastel-art as it was instant and workable and dedicated a lot of my early work to this medium, coloured and black & white.” Melinda recalls.

Melinda May held her first independent exhibition in 2001 in black & white chalk/pastel called ‘Rapture’ where 15 works were produced featuring couple portraits, showing the varying stages of intimacy. The exhibition was a huge success with all pieces being sold.

Deciding to diversify and try her hand at oil paints she rekindled her love. “I started by building up my confidence again in the oils medium by painting abstract pieces before moving on to the human form and nature subjects” Melinda notes.

Testament to Melinda May’s talent and people’s magnetism to her style, in 2007 she had the opportunity to open a temporary gallery for the year at the Novotel, Northbeach in Wollongong. Again, the success of the opening night was cemented with 5 of the 8 pieces being sold and regular orders to date both nationally and internationally.

The gallery focused her current style, being; photorealism/minimalist, contemporary oil based stretched canvas works. Melinda has purposefully offset her pieces on the canvas to draw your attention to the subject matter and the white background enhances the visual experience by stripping the subject bare and focusing on the natural beauty of the subject matter.

Of her work, Melinda says “My pieces are different to other artists, but I try not to compare because I will never fit into that mould. I always have an emotional attachment to my work because I love creating them, they are a piece of me; they are a good balance to my life and there is nothing like creating a piece that you are completely happy with and brings a smile to someone else’s face.”

Melinda May is now focusing fulltime on propelling her art career to a national level.

“For me being an artist is an ongoing learning experience filled with enjoyment and fulfillment and one that will always be within me”.