Artwork For Sale

These pieces are currently available to purchase.

Swarovski artworks created using 100% Swarovski flatback crystals (purchased directly for Swarovski Switzerland) hand placed on archival paper and framed in timeless white glass box frame.

They are stunning in real life!

View video of the Swarovski works which shows them in their true form at:


1. Seafan – approx 10,000 turquoise Swarovski crystal flatbacks used to form this stunning piece.

Large size: 1040 x 1040mm Price: $8,550

2. Seahorse – approx 3,000 Swarovski crystal flatbacks in grey scale colours.

Size: 700 x 570 Price: $2,340

3. Swarovski encrusted black flock Light Shade & Artwork

  • Matching set
  • 1x genuine black floral flock wallpaper light shade. Blue undercoated scale cut pattern approx 50cm diameter. Just hang on your existing drop fixing.
  • 1x matching genuine floral flock wallpaper artwork encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Size: 1022mm x 410mm

Price: $350


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